Reorganizations and appointments

Jouni Vuorinen (jouni.vuorinen a, Apr 12th 2016

Teppo Huttunen has been appointed Chief Operating Officer to ensure that our international projects in Scandinavia, Europe and US are adequately supported. His responsibility is to cooperate closely with the customers and 4Pharma's subsidiaries so that all international projects are swiftly accomplished by a competent team.

Jouni Junnila has been appointed Head of Statistics; he is taking charge of the Statistics and Programming functions in Finland.

Mikko Taalikka continues as Head of Data Management and leads the electronic data capture process in 4Pharma; CDISC compliance is achieved in growing variety of our clinical and food studies.

Sami Lehtimäki (IT Development Manager) has been assigned the role of Data Protection Officer to ensure that all data at 4Pharma are secured and protected in the world of increasing cyber threats.