A comparison of the fixed dose combinations of prostaglandin / timolol in the treatment of open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension has been published recently

Jouni Vuorinen (jouni.vuorinen a 4pharma.com), Sep 12th 2014

A study titled ‘Fixed Dose Combination of Tafluprost and Timolol in the Treatment of Open Angle Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension: Comparison with Other Fixed Combination Products’ by Holló et al. has been published in a recent issue of Advances in Therapy: September 2014, Volume 31, Issue 9, pp 932-944.

The authors introduce current evidence from double-masked trials on the efficacy and safety of prostaglandin/ timolol fixed dose combinations (PTFCs), a popular class of antiglaucoma medications. The medication highlighted in the paper is preservative-free tafluprost/timolol PTFC (TAF/TIM). The paper reviews, summarizes, and compares TAF/TIM response to treatment with those of the brand name PTFCs (Xalacom®, DuoTrav® and Ganfort®).

Specifically, “the four PTFCs yielded a similar reduction in IOP of approximately 32–36% from an untreated baseline IOP of around 24–29 mmHg. A further look on TAF/TIM studies indicated that IOP reductions of up to 40% and beyond could be achieved for untreated baseline pressures of 31 mmHg or higher. Least side effects occurred during treatment with TAF/TIM and Xalacom®. Of these two, only TAF/TIM is preservative- free. Although preservatives may cause ocular surface problems, preservative-free Ganfort® did not cause less hyperemia or irritation than the preserved preparation indicating that these side effects are associated with an inherent property of bimatoprost.”

The publication undoubtedly facilitates a better understanding of available options in view of the imminent launch of the recently developed TAF/TIM (TAPTIQOM®). The therapeutic review with a careful methodological comparison is of significant use, since clinicians and patients must choose between the medications, and efficacy and side effect profiles are essential for this decision process.