A change in the ownership of Oy 4Pharma Ltd

Jouni Vuorinen (jouni.vuorinen a 4pharma.com), Jun 20th 2013

During spring 2013 the ownership of 4Pharma Oy has been changed. Now the company is fully owned by the University of Helsinki Funds. The liquidation of the past parent corporation (SBW) caused some transient extraordinary expenses to the company; but, in essence, the operative profit of 4Pharma Oy has been positive throughout its presence, also in financial year 2012.

“It’s excellent to get such a distinguished owner dedicated to develop and secure 4Pharma in its next steps towards the global markets”, affirmed the management of 4Pharma Ltd.

More information about the University of Helsinki and the Funds can be found at http://www.helsinki.fi/university/index.html