Social Science & Medicine article with 4Pharma data analyses published recently

Marko Suojanen (marko.suojanen a, Jun 11th 2010

Björklund K, Häkkänen-Nyholm H, Huttunen T, Kunttu K.: Violence victimization among Finnish university students: prevalence, symptoms and health care usage. Social Science & Medicine 2010 May;70(9):1416-22. Link to the abstract:

The present study examined the prevalence of various forms of violence victimization among university students in Finland. Violence victimization was analyzed in relation to physical and mental health symptoms, and the use of student healthcare services. A cross-sectional Student Health Survey was performed as a national postal survey for Finnish university students in 2004. In the next phase of the study, an additional postal survey regarding violence victimization was sent to those who had answered the original survey, which resulted in a sample of 905 students. It was found that violence victimization and violence-related health issues were markedly prevalent among Finnish university students. The students reported multiple forms of violence and injury demonstrating the diversity of violence victimization. Male and female victims differed both in the amount and type of symptoms, and in their relationship to the abuser/offender. Violence victimization and gender had a significant main effect on specific symptoms, while no interaction effect was found. The data also showed that violence victimization is overrepresented among frequent healthcare users. These findings have implications for clinical practice and public policy. The present findings provide useful information for policy makers and healthcare professionals concerning the health effects of violence in accordance with the use of healthcare services. More specifically, this information should be taken into consideration when planning student healthcare and could serve as a guideline for student healthcare management.