Tero OinonenTero Oinonen
Chief Executive Officer
Phone +358 40 330 1306

Tero has more than 20 years experience in pharmaceutical industry. He has led sales and marketing and health economic organizations at Nordic-Baltic level and Business development at European level. In addition, Tero has comprehensive knowledge of the health care structures in the Nordic countries.
In 4Pharma, Tero is responsible for General management and commercial operations within 4Pharma Group.
Jouni VuorinenJouni Vuorinen, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Chief Scientific Officer
Phone: +358 44 029 7743

Jouni Vuorinen is a founder of 4Pharma Ltd. He has decades of experience from working and managing in the pharmaceutical industry/CRO. He has extensive experience in drug development and statistical issues in therapeutic areas including ophthalmology, HRT/gynaecology, oncology, respiratory, nervous system and cardiology. He is highly experienced medical writer in aforesaid therapeutic areas.
Teppo HuttunenTeppo Huttunen
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: +358 40 582 3793

Teppo has over 10 years' experience working as a statistician and later on as a Manager, Statistics at 4Pharma. Currently he is resourcing and supporting our international projects in Scandinavia, Europe and US. His experience in the pharmaceutical industry include statistical, data management and project management related tasks ranging from pre-clinical studies to complex pivotal phase III studies and academic studies. Recent successes include working as the project statistician for a compound receiving marketing authorization.
Mikko TaalikkaMikko Taalikka
Head of Data Management
Phone: +358 44 534 3135

Mikko has been working over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in both statistical and data management related positions. His vast experience in clinical trials ranges from small single-center phase I studies to large International phase III studies in several indications. Mikko is currently responsible for all data management related activities within 4Pharma.
Jari TurunenJari Turunen
Senior Data Manager / QA Officer
Phone +358 44 029 7783

Jari has more than 20 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry/CRO. He is a co-founder of 4Pharma Ltd, being responsible for technology, IT and quality assurance. He has extensive experience in data management related to clinical trials ranging from Phase I - IV, and especially trials in HRT/gynaecology therapeutic areas. He has also experience in various other therapeutic areas including CNS, oncology, and ophthalmology. He is always committed to quality and client satisfaction.
John GymerJohnny Gymer
Senior Data Manager
Phone: +358 40 512 1955

Johnny has more than twelve years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry working on Clinical Research Trials ranging from Phase I - IV across a range of therapeutic areas including Ophthalmology, Oncology, Andrology, Dermatology, Cardiovascular, Nervous system and Musculoskeletal. He is extremely process and operationally oriented with a strong focus on deliverables, timelines, and quality. He has excellent leadership, project management and communications skills. Recently Johnny played an important role in the successful submission of CDISC SDTM data to the FDA.
Jouni JunnilaJouni Junnila
Head of Statistics
Phone +358 50 348 9433

Jouni has a Masters’ degree in biostatistics and more than 5 years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry as a biostatistician and later on as a senior biostatistician. Jouni’s versatile experience also includes the analysis of microarray data, SAS/R-programming along with Data Management. Currently Jouni is managing the statistics and programming functions within the company, heading the office situated in Helsinki, and working as a biostatistician in numerous therapeutic areas at 4Pharma.
Sami Lehtimäki 2Sami Lehtimäki
IT Development Manager, Data Protection Officer
Phone +358 45 7750 1750

Sami has more than fifteen years' experience from working in the information technology & pharmaceutical industry. He has been IT entrepreneur for a decade and developed several successful IT products to pharmaceutical industry. Product development, project management and system administration have been his key areas. His excellent planning, communication and documentation skills have always been valued by pharmaceutical companies. Sami has also a Data Protection Officer role in the company.
Sofia MännikköSofia Männikkö
Phone +358 40 940 2039

Sofia has Masters’ degree in biostatistics and 5 years’ experience working in the pharmaceutical industry as a programmer/statistician. Her experience covers wide range of SAS (and R) programming tasks including statistical modelling of dose response in ophthalmology. She has been involved in several MAA filings (2 for FDA) with a responsibility of safety statistics in the latest of these projects in an Orphan indication. In addition, she has provided the statistics for a few academic preclinical studies as well as for food studies aimed for healthy claims (according to EFSA guidance).
Vesa MäkiahoVesa Mäkiaho
Statistical Programmer
Phone +358 45 7750 1760

Vesa has been involved in the pharmaceutical industry since 2010. During this time he has gained valuable experience working on clinical trials. His main tasks have ranged from SAS-programming and data tabulation to data analysis for trials in therapeutic areas such as asthma, Multiple Sclerosis & atopic dermatitis. Items of special interest include population pharmacokinetic compartment models and SAS-programming.
Tommi PesonenTommi Pesonen
Senior Biostatistician
Phone +358 40 940 2254

Tommi has Masters' degrees in Physics and in Statistics. He has eight years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked over 5 years as a programmer and a biostatistician for 4Pharma, and currently serves as a senior biostatistician. His master thesis was about epidemiologic modeling of survival data. He has gained most of his experience in ophthalmology and oncology studies with the special interest in pharmacokinetic analyses. His working has also covered data management related tasks, for example developing monitoring tools (e.g. risk based monitoring). Before his career in statistics, Tommi was a teacher in Physics.
Aki LindénAki Lindén
Statistical Programmer
Phone +358 40 703 9070

Aki has Masters’ degree in statistics with his thesis about network meta-analyses. He has 3 years’ experience in programming work for a broad range of pharmaceutical and life science applications. He is a fluent SAS programmer with good understanding of sql and macro development. In addition, he is also capable of using R. Most recently he has been involved with 2 FDA submissions so CDISC data standards are common to him throughout. In the latest submission he was also taking over statistical responsibilities and as a part of the team creating the final model for analysis of ECG data.
Beppo FrancisBeppo Francis
Data Scientist
Phone +358 44 735 8090

Beppo has a Masters' degree in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from 2014 and has been working a year at 4Pharma as a Data Scientist.
He has more than 4 years of experience working with both reputed CROs and pharmaceutical companies. Over the past years, he has been involved in various studies both clinical and cosmetic, working across all phases(I-IV) of clinical trials. He is very proficient in SAS (BASE, MACRO, GRAPH, SQL, STAT, ODS) programming and have good knowledge on CDISC (ADaM) data standards. His master thesis was about 'A review of statistical methods for interim analysis in clinical trials'. Currently Beppo is working as a Data Scientist / Statistical Programmer in multiple pharmaceutical and functional food clinical trials covering various therapeutic areas and study designs.
Parisa HaririParisa Hariri
Phone +358 45 673 4218

Parisa holds a PhD degree in mathematics, and is currently finalizing her studies for Master's degree in statistics, with focus on biostatistics. Her Master's thesis concerns anti-cancer drugs. In the thesis she has used a novel method to understand the mode of action of drugs over cell cultures, which is important for developing anti-cancer drugs. She has worked in 4Pharma as a Biostatistician since the beginning of year 2018, right after her PhD graduation. She has already been involved in several studies in different clinical phases and from various therapeutic areas. Within her earlier academic career Parisa has also given numerous scientific talks in international and national conferences. In addition to Parisa’s excellent scientific expertise on mathematics and statistics, she is also a proficient programmer and has several years of experience in programming including R, SAS, Python, MATLAB and Mathematica.