4Pharma - Tailored services for research groups

4Pharma is a Finnish-Swedish-Swiss service company, whose main products are clinical trials data management and statistical analysis. Most of our employees are trained statisticians – from graduating students up to PhDs.

Properly organized data management is one of the cornerstones of modern research. Our staff members have extensive experience in everyday clinical data management; this has given us the perspective to find an appropriate data collection method for many kinds of research projects. The solutions have ranged from fully electronic systems (eCRFs) to paper-based systems (pCRFs). We have even made it possible to enter the data directly to our own data management system via remote access. Regardless of the method chosen, our data management process has provided exceptional flexibility, quality and authenticity for numerous research projects. In many cases, even a simple consultation has played a key role in aiming at high-quality research data!

Our experience and competence in the life science sector are versatile. Thus, we have provided statistical expertise to a variety of research projects - especially in the fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, health economics and public health. We have had merely positive experiences in cooperating with the investigators: either we have worked for them as good as advisors or have taken care of all analyses of their study data. Hourly-based statistical consulting has been most fruitful already in the design phase, and the time spent to the analysis of the entire study has in turn depended strongly on the research area and amount of data collected. On average we can say it has taken from few days to week(s).

With our specialists’ help you will save your own resources – and most importantly- your research manuscript will certainly pass even the most stringent peer review. Below you will find some fine examples of published research papers with our statistician as a co-writer. Of the major contributors, Professor Heikki Joensuu has kindly promised to give references on the basis of our mutual collaboration.

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